Downriver Striker

2010 was a great year for this Border Collie, Striker!! After earning her ASCA WTch title (Working Trial Champion), she completed her American Kennel Club Advanced Cattle A course title in style, winning her mom (that’s me) a beautiful silver belt buckle and is now working at completing her American Kennel Club Herding Championship!! 

Striker, Border Collie Working Cows
Above: Striker, Border Collie is Working Cattle

She’s a fun dog to work, and an exciting dog to watch working!!

Striker, Border Collie Herding Cattle 
Above: Striker, Border Collie, is Herding Cattle

Border Collie Herding Ducks At Herding Clinic
Above: Striker, Border Collie, Herding Ducks at Herding Clinic

About Downriver Striker

Striker, Border Collie, was born on June 1, 2003. Her parents both come from great working lines:

Dam: Del'mar Sprite CABC 134744, owned, loved, and handled by Lynn Leach. Sprite is a 'Wisp' granddaughter, and her dad is the famous Del'mar Jim, an imported, incredible sheep and cow dog. 

Sire: Caldonian Mac CABC 1300, owned, loved, and handled by Lee Lumb. Mac's sire is Stuart Davidson's "Whiterose Kep" ISDS 228380, 1999 Scottish National Champion & his dam is "Meg" ISDS 234865 (bred by G. Denman in Scotland).

Striker seriously intense 
Striker, Border Collie Intense While Herding Stock

Striker is one of two border collie pups in this litter that stayed here at Downriver. The border collie pups were assessed for the bird dog program at Vancouver International Airport, and Striker was chosen to stay here and concentrate on stock work. <

In 2005, this border collie began competing at the Pro/Novice level on both sheep and cattle. She loves to work cattle, and her enthusiasm would get her in trouble at times; but as she matures, she is wonderful to watch and a lot of fun to work with. She has prick ears, and is very stylish while working.

Striker will be assisting her mom Sprite during training clinics, stock handling at trials and teaching beginner handlers about stock dog work.

Striker the clinic assistant
Striker, Border Collie, is the Herding Clinic Assistant

She also loves working birds. She has become an invaluable training partner, while training the handlers at YVR, and acting as a spare for the full time airport bird dogs.

Striker, border collie herding cattle
Picture of Border Collie Working Cattle (Striker Herding Cattle) (Photo by Torlundablue Kennels from Sweden)

Striker, border collie, working cattle
Striker is at Work Herding Cattle (Photo by Torlundablue Kennels from Sweden)

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