Austlyn's Country Star AKC HIas, HSac, CKC HI HTD II, HRD II, ASCA OSDs

Buck, Australian Red Heeler, was a wonderful gift to me from Stan and Lynda Rocksvold, in Washington. He came to me for training/handling, and I fell so in love with him, that I offered to purchase him.


Buck, red heeler 
Buck, a Red Heeler

They wouldn't have it, and were so happy about our partnership, that they insisted that I take him as a gift, which I will always cherish!


Buck red heeler herding sheep 
Buck, a Red Heeler, Herds Sheep into Pen

Thank you also to Jeffery Jaquish, who took all of these photos. They are my great memories of Buck!  

Buck and I bonded immediately, and went on together to earn herding titles in the AKC, ASCA, AHBA, and CKC. We also competed in the BCSDA sanctioned cattle trial series held in 100 Mile House. We competed against mostly border collies and did fairly well, which I was incredibly proud of!  


red heeler in a down while herding sheep 
Buck, Red Heeler, in a "Down" While Herding Sheep


A terrible accident took Buck away from me, but I'm sure he is now with his other dad—Stan Rocksvold—who was taken away from us earlier that same year.  

Buck left behind some beautiful cattle dog puppies! Check out what they are doing now.

Parker is one of Buck's puppies that I am lucky enough to see often! It will be fun to see his herding career take off.


red heeler/cattle dog tribute

A Tribute to Buck, Red Heeler


Austlyn's Country Star AKC HIas, HSac, CKC HI HTD II, HRD II, OSDs
March 28, 2001-September 10, 2005

A Tribute from my friend Jen Seaborn:  
I will always have 3 special memories of Buck (although I have many
many more)... 

One, his outruns were fantastic…and when he was able to drive those
superglue bottle babies lambs - which took ALOT of skill - I was so
proud of him!!  

Two, him and Giddy romping and buzzing about in the arena at my
place…the pair of them acting like they were twitterpated goofy pups, 

And third, Buck bouncing on the beds at the hotel…jumping back and
fourth and just being silly…LOL…I have to laugh thinking about
it...he had so much fun!

I'm not only crying for you Lynn, and for Buck but also with you... as
there is now an empty spot in my heart also…


Jen Seaborn

Friday the 22nd.
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