Can/Am Ch Downriver Blue Jim HA, HTD II, HRD III, HSAs, ASCA OSDs


B.J., an Australian Blue Heeler, came to us from Washington, USA.


BJ, Australian Blue Heeler, herding sheep
Above: BJ, Australian Blue Heeler, Working Sheep

He easily completed his conformation championship in Canada, and in the US, and then he went on to teach me about life with a herding breed. He talked us into buying a farm, with sheep, so we can practice our new skills and compete in trials.

We went on together to earn herding titles in the AKC, ASCA, AHBA, all earned on sheep, and an open title in the CKC, which he earned on cattle. This Australian Blue Heeler then became the first Australian Cattle Dog in Canada to earn an Advanced CKC Herding title, which he completed in style, taking turns all weekend with Gunner (wonderful aussie owned by Bob Crosby) going between High in Trial and Reserve High in Trial. We each took top score twice, while the other took 2nd best! What a fun weekend!!


BJ, One of the top confirmation and herding cattle dogs 
Above: BJ Was One of the Most Beautiful Confirmation Cattle Dogs

BJ went on to qualify with many more legs after earning that title, but there was no Championship Herding title in CKC in those days. In 1999, this cattle dog took High Scoring Australian Cattle Dog at our National Specialty in Ontario. He was also the first Australian Cattle Dog in Canada to compete successfully in the BC Stockdog Association Trials (standard Border collie course).


BJ smiley cattle dog 
Above: BJ Was One of My Smiliest Cattle Dogs

BJ was a wonderful friend, and the best of working partners. He changed my life forever, and I will always smile when I think of him....


BJ, Australian Blue Heeler, Cuddling his master 
Above: BJ, Australian Blue Heeler, and Best Friend Lynn Leach
Friday the 22nd.
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