Choose a general clinic, or group the participants according to their experience and skills being worked on. Downriver offers clinics from brand new beginners (including Instinct testing) to advanced skills which include driving, take pens, penning and many more. Beginners' clinics usually introduce the basics of herding and help you start building a solid foundation. Novice clinics will build on your fundamental skills. You will practice driving, work on achieving longer outruns and learn to dominate the take pens. The goal is to help you learn, grow and gain confidence!

Cathy Kudryk & her young pup (Australian Shepherd) - Spider in the round pen above.

"My passion for herding was ignited when I attended one of Lynn’s clinics on her first trip to Australia in 2007, so I was delighted when I heard she was coming back! Her clinics here in 2011, hosted by Double K Herding, exceeded my already high expectations.Her ability to cater to each individual dog and handler team, from those having their first look at sheep to Advanced level triallers, was exceptional. We all saw significant improvements in both our handling skills and our dogs’ work. There were many “light bulb” moments amongst the handlers and it was wonderful to watch the confidence of the dogs grow..." -Hannah Barry; Melbourne, Australia

Billie (owned and handled by Downriver Student Nancy Barker) is learning to put her herding skills to work on cattle, while Nancy is learning how her positioning affects the outcome of all the work that Billie does..... Billie and Nancy are turning into a great team!

Look at Nancy Barker Now! ...Below you will see Nancy and her young dog Striker negotiating the sheep through the Y-Chute at an AKC Herding Trial.

Friday the 22nd.
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