Intro to Herding and The Next Steps

Intro and Next Steps
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An Introduction to All Breed Herding

Learn to Herd! This introductory dog training video will help you overcome common problems that you may encounter when training your All Breed Herding Dog!

This movie is 43 minutes long. The beginning of this dog training video showcases a Border Collie and a Kelpie in order to explain and show how the strong eyed breeds work. The rest of the movie looks at upright, loose-eyed breeds and ideas regarding how to handle problems that are common with these breeds.

This movie literally walks you through the very beginning steps of training! It begins with the dog's first introduction to livestock and demonstrates several of the common reactions that are seen with upstanding dogs. It provides solutions to handle problems such as:

  • quitting work,
  • circling,
  • gripping, and
  • splitting the stock.

Once the dog begins balancing and working for their handler, the movie goes on to demonstrate what skills are needed to begin arena type trials, and how to teach your dogs these skills. This dog training DVD will help you feel confident when you are training your dog on your own. Your newfound confidence will increase your energy, enthusiasm and success when competing. Making competitions more enjoyable for you and your dog!

"I highly recommend the Downriver All Breed Herding videos, both to novice handlers and also to more experienced handlers who cannot work with a trainer as regularly as they would like. With the wide variety of drills shown, there are at least a few drills at each skill level that will click with every herding team out there, no matter what level of experience." -Cathy Kudryk


All Breed Herding - The Next Steps

Do you want to learn drills that help extend and widen your dog's outrun? How about trial skills including take pens and freestanding obstacles? Do you want an introduction to driving?

If you answered "yes" then you need All Breed Herding the Next Steps!

The Next Steps picks up where the Introduction to All Breed Herding movie finishes. The Next Steps is 59 minutes long, and begins with solutions for: slowing your dog down, respecting the flight zone and teaching a straight walk-up. The movie then demonstrates drills to: extend and widen the outrun, trial skills including take pens and freestanding obstacles, and introduce driving.

"there is so much information in this video you will have to go through it a few times to take it all in. It is like having a two month clinic in your own home. There are so many tricks and tips, many examples of drills with so many breeds that you are bound to learn something or find something on it that will help make you a better trainer." - Nancy Ireland

In this dog training DVD we use both trained and untrained dogs. By including both you will see the common mistakes new handlers make, solutions for these mistakes and the correct way to train.

"Lynn's videos show a clear progression of skills, with a nice variety of drills and exercises to work on at each step along the way. The clarity of progression and breakdown of skills far exceeded what I had come across in previous working videos that I have seen." - Cathy Kudryk

If you are looking to compete with confidence, this dog training video presents training methods that you and your dog will love.

"I would recommend this video as one of the best! It's about time someone put out a comprehensive video for herding with all breeds." - Nancy Ireland

Your newfound confidence will increase your energy, enthusiasm and success when competing. Making competitions more enjoyable for you and your dog!

"I chose Downriver's All Breed Herding videos because I wanted a good set of steps to follow at home. I recommend these videos: it is always good to have as much information as you can!" - Kim Mordaunt


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