Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Gloria Graham

Pearl - 2010
Pearl earned her Herding Advanced title in High River, AB in June 2010. The next day she placed first in the HA class for her first 2 points towards her Herding Championship.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi - Herding Breed
Gloria Graham and her Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Pearl

She is the first Cardigan Welsh Corgi in Canada to earn an HA title. As I told Lynn at the time (shedding tears of joy) we never could have done it without her. She has been our “rock” since we began in this sport 5 years ago. Lynn, we can never thank you enough!

Fido - 2010 
Fido earned his Herding Started title in 2010. This dog has been a handful but is now making steady progress.  His work ethic is taking over and his desire to work and please me is overcoming his “I’ll just do it my way, thanks” attitude.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Herding Sheep
Fido, Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Herding Sheep

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Herding Sheep
Nancy Barker Helping while Gloria and Fido Work on Pressure Drills

With Lynn’s excellent problem solving suggestions I can now look forward to moving on to Intermediate in 2011.

Pearl - 2009 
In 2009 Pearl finished her HI title at the trials at Downriver in May. She also got 2 qualifying scores for her SDI title. In July in Alberta she got her first Q in HA with a score of 83 and first place. She also finished her SDI title, and earned her HTAD II the same weekend.

Airlie Denbigh Déjà vu, CD, HI, SDI, HTAD II, HTD I, HRD I, HSAs, STDs.

Corgi herding sheep into a trailer
Pearl Taking Sheep Out of Trailer at SDI Course!

Corgi herding sheep driving
Pearl in Serious Drive Mode!

Cleo - 2009 
Cleo is a very different dog than her mother, Pearl. We’ve certainly had our ups and downs in the herding arena. She can be brilliant at times, and then there are times she’ll completely quit on me. We’ll keep trying though!

Cleo got her HT in 2008 at Downriver, then moved up to HS in 2009. I thought we were ready for that but Cleo had other ideas. 

During the course of the year she earned her JHD at trials in Alberta and her STDs at the ASCA trials at Downriver.

These photos were taken during the Steve Walterberger clinic at Downriver in May, 2009.

Corgi herding sheep at Downriver Clinic
Cleo at Steve Waltenberg Clinic at Downriver!

Corgi herding sheep at Downriver Clinic
Cleo at Steve Waltenberg Clinic at Downriver!

Fido - 2009 
Fido is my third Cardigan.  I got him as an 18 month old in October 2008. These photos are of Fido’s first exposure to sheep at Downriver.

Corgi herding sheep at Downriver Farms In BC
Fido on sheep for first time at Downriver!

Picture of Corgi herding sheep at Downriver In Hope, BC
Fido's first time herding sheep at Downriver!!

He got his HT (CKC) at Downriver in May 2009, then managed two qualifying scores in Started (CKC) in July in Alberta. 

Fido is  a much tougher dog than my two girls and I’ve needed Lynn’s help getting a handle on him.  He came to me as a “clean slate”, having only ever been trained for the show ring.  It took 8 months to get this boy to show me humility!  We’ve made some significant progress since then.  He has a lot of talent and instinct.

Gloria and Pearl (2008)

In 2008 we moved up to the intermediate class in arena trials. In May of 2008 at the CKC trials at Downriver Farm we managed to qualify in 2 of the 3 trials in the intermediate class. The same weekend we qualified all three days to earn our Stockdog Started title. In July, again at Downriver Farm, we managed one qualifying run in the Open class at the ASCA trials.

Airlie Denbigh Deja Vu, CD, HS & SDS (CKC), HSAs (AKC), HTD 1 & HRD 1 (AHBA), STD (ASCA)

Pearl Herding Sheep
Friday the 22nd.
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