Choose a general clinic, or group the participants according to their experience and skills being worked on. Downriver offers clinics from brand new beginners (including Instinct testing) to advanced skills which include driving, take pens, penning and many more. Beginners' clinics usually introduce the basics of herding and help you start building a solid foundation. Novice clinics will build on your fundamental skills. You will practice driving, work on achieving longer outruns and learn to dominate the take pens. The goal is to help you learn, grow and gain confidence!

Cathy Kudryk & her young pup (Australian Shepherd) - Spider in the round pen above.

"My passion for herding was ignited when I attended one of Lynn’s clinics on her first trip to Australia in 2007, so I was delighted when I heard she was coming back! Her clinics here in 2011, hosted by Double K Herding, exceeded my already high expectations.Her ability to cater to each individual dog and handler team, from those having their first look at sheep to Advanced level triallers, was exceptional. We all saw significant improvements in both our handling skills and our dogs’ work. There were many “light bulb” moments amongst the handlers and it was wonderful to watch the confidence of the dogs grow..." -Hannah Barry; Melbourne, Australia

Billie (owned and handled by Downriver Student Nancy Barker) is learning to put her herding skills to work on cattle, while Nancy is learning how her positioning affects the outcome of all the work that Billie does..... Billie and Nancy are turning into a great team!

Look at Nancy Barker Now! ...Below you will see Nancy and her young dog Striker negotiating the sheep through the Y-Chute at an AKC Herding Trial.

Herding Dog Training Videos or DVD

Downriver's All Breed Herding Dog Training DVDs are the only "all breed" videos available. If you are new to herding, the Introduction to All Breed Herding dog training DVD will teach you the basic commands, skills and solutions to common problems new handlers' experience. This DVD will teach you and your dog how to work together as a team.


If you aren't new to herding, but are looking for a DVD to help you master take pens, achieve longer outruns and practice driving, then the All Breed Herding: The Next Steps dog training video is for you! Enjoy the luxury of learning at home! Reinforce what you have learned during your on-site training. Learn, learn, and continue to learn... and continue to love the sport of herding!

"I believe there were Belgians in the Downriver All Breed Herding video. I really liked this video and thought it provided more good information than any of the other videos I've seen combined (and I've seen a few). I think for practical, beginning information, it's by far the best I've seen and would have been great if I had only seen it when I first started training." - Shelby Cook


Thinking about teaching your dog to 'Drive' livestock? All Breed Herding: Getting Your Driver's Licence is a must see! Featuring 16 breeds and over 50 different dogs demonstrating the steps to teach your dog to Drive and Pass the Driver's Test!

You'll learn

        • how to turn your dog in on the stock,
        • about the "Push" and building confidence,
        • about steering and directions,
        • controlling speed and covering stock,
        • and how to pull it all together!


Order A Package & Save

If you don't want to use PayPal, cheques are also accepted, payable to Downriver Farm. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to place your order.


Why Buy a Dog Training DVD?

Research shows that the popular books, videos and DVDs presently available for stock dog training is breed specific (usually to Border Collies and strong-eyed working dogs), and that there is a need for more generalized information for training all breeds of stock dogs.

The Downriver dog training DVDs fulfill this need! Our DVDs present information for training All Breed Herding Dogs. They are specific to upright, loose-eyed breeds. They outline ideas on how to handle problems that are common with these breeds. Each DVD shows many different demonstrations by several different breeds.

 These videos are exactly what I wanted in a herding video; they showcase problems we all run into and ways to help our dogs. I like the format of the videos: seeing many examples of different exercises run by many different breeds." -Bonnie Young

These DVDs were designed to teach dog handlers how to utilize their dog to move or control livestock quietly without stressing the livestock. They are designed for new handlers. They teach handlers how to control livestock in different situations and how to predict these situations. The DVDs will help the viewer create a plan for training their dog.

"The videos are just like having the clinic all over again. Except you can slow them down, rewind and pause. You have too many things to remember at a clinic, this video was so nice because I can go back and review and continue to learn at home." -Barb Freer

Do you want to learn how to teach your dog to herd?

Click to learn more about Introduction to All Breed Herding!

Do you want to learn about trial skills, including take pens and freestanding obstacles?

Click to learn more about All Breed Herding the Next Steps!

People who benefit from having these DVDs in their library are:

  • people competing in stock dog trials;
  • people training dogs to work stock;
  • farmers, shepherds and ranchers;
  • judge’s in the herding programs;
  • stock dog training instructors;
  • breeders;
  • dog show enthusiasts;
  • people buying gifts for people whom own/like dogs; and
  • 4-H children.

People would generally purchase and watch these DVDs for one of two reasons:


People in the livestock industry such as 4-H children, dog hobbyists, ranchers, shepherds, dog enthusiasts and hobby farmers all need to know how to train their dogs correctly. These videos are an “at-home solution” that provide a solid foundation of herding skills. If you are looking to increase your handling skills these All Breed Herding Training Videos and DVDs are for you!

Herding In Action

People interested in watching ‘herding dogs in action’! If you are conducting research on various breeds of dogs, or if you are a breeder selling puppies, of if you are generally interested in watching dogs herd, these training videos are for you! 

If you have any further questions, please contact Downriver Farms today!

Individual or Group Lessons

provide individual attention and instruction best suited to you and your dog's needs. Our stock and facility are suitable for beginners, novices and the experienced.

 Above: Beka (owned by Anne Gunn) was one of the Downriver dogs that qualified and attended the 2010 CKC Herding Championship Invitational held in Niagra Falls, Ontario.

"Lynn works with many different types of dogs and is well respected in the herding field. She is great. She manages to keep the class involved when working with different dogs, so that everyone learns from each others' handling. She is a friend and is very helpful to those starting out. I value the individual skill building tasks to hone up on overall performance." - Donna

Above: Billy Barker competing in ‘A’ Course (AKC) at Gig Harbour. Owned, Handled, Loved & Trained by Nancy Barker.

I invite you to learn more about my training philosophy and techniques.


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