Worldwide Exposure

Downriver All Breed Herding dog training videos: Introduction to All Breed Herding and All Breed Herding the Next Steps (now DVD's) and All Breed Herding - Getting Your Driver's Licence have had such success; they have reached the international market. These dog training videos are viewed all over Canada and the USA, and they have been sold to herding enthusiasts in France, Germany, Australia, and Luxemburg.


Lynn Leach, Dog Trainer, Teaching Blue Heeler 
Lynn Leach, Dog Trainer, Teaches Australian Cattle Dog

Lynn Leach's expertise and enthusiasm has given her the opportunity to travel all over to teach people to train their dogs how to herd by giving clinics, lessons and judging trials. 

"I will keep going to any herding clinics that Lynn Leach is the dog trainer at. Lynn remembered who I was when I walked into the arena. Actually she remembered my dog the most. That impressed me the most. I figured with all the people she works with daily etc. Either I stood out in the crowd, or she really enjoys what she does as a Judge/Clinician/Dog Trainer. That impressed me a lot." -Barb Freer

Lynn's travels have taken her to several herding facilities worldwide:



  • Alberta (Grande Prairie and Calgary) Ontario (Thunder Bay, Hamilton, Goderich, London and Utopia)
  • British Columbia (Victoria, Williams Lake, Nanaimo, Sechelt, Richmond, Powell River, Langley and Aldergrove)
  • Manitoba (Winnipeg)
  • Saskatchewan (Saskatoon and Lloydminster)


  • Alaska
  • Arlington, WA
  • Australia
    • Brisbane, Queensland
    • Canberra, New South Wales
    • Melbourne, Victoria
  • Battle Ground, WA
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Detroit
  • Florida
  • Michigan
  • New England
  • New York
  • Omaha, Nebraska
  • Portland, Or
  • Spokane, WA
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • UK

A testimonial from an attenee of an Australian Herding Clinic:

"Lynn even inspired me to keep going training my dog and I know others from the Qld group were equally surprised with what they could and did achieve when Lynn was training here in Qld."  
- Karen Manton, Queensland Australia

Here's a few pictures from the Melbourne clinic:

Lynn Leach Trains a Briard to Herd Sheep in Melbourne
At Lynn's Dog Training Clinic in Melbourne, A Briard Learns to Work Sheep

Lynn, Dog Trainer, Teaches Old English Sheepdog to Herd Sheep 
An Old English Sheepdog Learns to Heard Sheep at Lynn Leach's Dog Training Clinic in Melbourne

Judging Seminars

Lynn has also been invited to speak at several judging seminars throughout Canada. One of her favorite seminars was designed to help organize all breed herding demonstrations at the American Kennel Club Herding Judge's Institute in Raleigh, North Carolina. "It was great to provide conformation judges with an opportunity to see the dogs work. Feedback was so excellent; we are repeating a similar format here in Canada in February 2007" (Lynn Leach, herding dog trainer).

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