CKC Herding Showcase

Canadian Herding Showcase 2011

Our Second Annual Canadian Herding Showcase will be:

October 8 & 9, 2011
At Downriver Farm
58428 McKay Rd.
Hope, BC V0X 1L2

For more information, visit the official Canadian Herding Showcase website at

Canadian Herding Showcase 2010

An enthusiastic group of people have put together a new and exciting windup for year end stats of our CKC Herding Dogs!! For years, there have been discussions on the *best* way to count the year end statistics, and volunteers have spent hours adding scores and trial results. 

This year, there is going to be a Championship Trial to decide that honour!! If all goes well, this will become an annual event. Dogs must qualify in order to compete. The rules below explain how a dog can qualify.  

In 2010, the showcase will be held on October 2 & 3, at Tee Creek Herding Facility near Niagara Falls, Ontario. The trials will be followed by a 2-day judging/trial scoring seminar (judging all trial venues). These seminars are a super way for competitors to learn how judges are scoring them – they are NOT just for judges as their name suggests!

The 2011 Showcase will come out West – venue to be determined. 

The 2010 winner will be posted in Dogs in Canada - and have several other *bragging rights* as the top dog in Canada!! 

So, here are the rules for 2010...

2010 CKC Year End Herding Showcase
Rules & Guidelines


This will be a CKC non-sanctioned event.

This will be open to all handlers/dogs competing in CKC arena herding trials whether, or not, they are a resident of Canada.

The Finals "year" will run from September 1st - August 31st. This gives us a month to get everything together before the finals trials.

The top 5 scores, from arena trials on all livestock, will be added together to determine placements for the finals. I will keep track of this over the year and will post a monthly list to herding canada so competitors can check where they are in the standings. I'll also try to add a page to my website with the same information on it.

The top 5 started, top 5 intermediate and top 10 advanced dogs will be invited to compete in the finals.

The finals trials for 2010 will be held the first weekend in October.

The finals trials will consist of two runs. The scores from the two runs will be added together to determine the top Started, Intermediate and Advanced dogs. Even if the run is not a Q, it will still be added to the other run. If a handler runs out of time, or calls time, the score that they have acquired to that point will be used.

Because the Intermediate and Advanced levels have a higher level of difficulty the total scores will be weighted as follows:

  • Started - total score,
  • Intermediate - total score plus 3%,
  • Advanced - total score plus 6%.

The dog with the highest total score will be awarded the prize of Top Herding Dog in Canada.

Placement rosettes and prizes will be given at each level.

Large rosettes and prizes will be awarded to the

  • Top Started,
  • Intermediate,
  • Advanced,
  • Top Herding Dog.

Finals trials will be run as arena trials on sheep.

Trials will be judged by CKC licensed judges.

For 2010 the trials will be held at Tee Creek Training Centre in Welland, Ontario (near Niagara Falls). They are located about 1 hour from Buffalo and Hamilton airports and approximately 1 1/2 hours from Toronto. Dave Harris and Kathy Warner have a lovely facility with a very nice arena setup and great stock to work.

The finals trials will be followed up with a judges seminar. This is open to everyone, not just judges. Some of the suggested topics, for the seminar, include: what judges look for in each association (CKC, AKC, ASCA & AHBA), how to design and set up a CKC course, trial secretary - what they need to do and when it needs to be done, "how would you judge this" - video taped runs. We are always open to more suggestions.

Wednesday the 20th.
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